Raquel Bastos has an extensive teaching experience. She believes that teaching music is fundamental to the development of any artist, as it aides him/her in growing at a personal level and only a growing artist can improve and develop his/her talent. The teacher has to come to the student, adapt and mold to the student's needs and by doing so, he/she matures and grows not only artistically, but also on a spiritual level. It is so rewarding when a student's eyes light up and a big smile is drawn because they were able to produce a beautiful tone for the first time! Raquel teaches not because she expects the students to become professional musicians (although some might) not so they can relax, neither so they can only have fun, but because they are human, so that they come to recognize beauty and be sensitive to it. Learning music will give students much more that developed cognitive and logical skills, it will allow them to see life in a more meaningful way, with more love, more compassion, more gentleness and more depth. Music will bring every soul closer to an infinite beyond this world.

Raquel has taught since before the turn of the century in countries such as Portugal, United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, China and Australia. She has taught in workshops, masterclasses as well as and private and group lessons in several institutions from Conservatoriums to Universities and private schools.


Viola Lessons

Viola lessons are available from Raquel’s studio to all levels from beginner to post-graduate students. Please contact Raquel on the contact page for availability. Lessons can be weekly, fortnightly or casual and duration will be worked out according to students level of development and age. Casual lessons are suited to students preparing for auditions, competitions or recitals who want to be able to get feedback and ideas from an experienced performer.

Raquel holds an Honours in Viola Performance from the University of Porto (Portugal) and a Doctoral Artistic Certificate in Viola Performance from the University of North Texas.


Chamber Music Tutoring

Chamber music tutoring is available to groups preparing for competitions and recitals or groups needing advice on repertoire or regular coaching. Lessons will be a minimum of 1 hour in duration.

Raquel has extensive experience as a chamber musician and has performed in countries such as Portugal, UK, South Africa, US, China and Australia.


Master Classes | Workshops | Conducting | School Ensemble Training

Contact Raquel through the contact page if you want to book her for masterclasses, strings workshops or camps at your school or organization.

Raquel has extensive experience in conducting string ensembles at different levels, tutoring sectionals and school ensemble tutoring. Her experience includes: viola ensembles at Conservatorium of Aveiro; University of North Texas, Queensland Youth Orchestra and Griffith Conservatorium tutoring; Mulkadee Arts Festival Conductor; Junior, Senior and Chamber Strings Conducting at several schools; Masterclass at Shichuan Conservatory; Strings Teacher at Grace Lutheran College.